Warrior Patient


A memoir about

survival, hope,

love & laughter


Warrior Book Cover

People go to the hospital. People die. Warrior Patient tries to put as much distance as possible between those two sentences.

The world we live in has the best doctors and the most advanced medical system that our civilization has ever known.

Yet in the United States 100,000 patients die and nine million suffer injury because of medical mistakes. That’s from the Reuters’ news wire.

In this extraordinary age of medical miracles, patients continue to sink into the quicksand of “going to the hospital.” We all know or have heard about someone who checked into a facility for “normal” surgery which led to their death.

A cartoon even makes a joke out of it. It shows a doctor in a laboratory surrounded by white lab rats. His wide eyes and smile suggest he is having a brilliant eureka moment. Book Cover Amazon“We don’t need better medicine,” the doctor announces to his colleagues, “we need stronger lab rats.”

Like it or not, in our medical system, we are the lab rats. How else can you explain 100,000 dead and 9 million injured people? As you read Warrior Patient you become one of the nine million. You take an extraordinary, often amusing journey from medical dope to healthy hope. It lasts three years and includes cancer, kidney failure, dialysis, deadly infections, partial blindness, shingles, large open wounds, a hernia and a little amputation.

In the midst of all that illness, you will learn to laugh and you will learn how to become a much stronger lab rat.

A “Warrior Patient” takes advantage of America’s fabulous medical system. A “Warrior Patient” is not taken advantage of by that system.

The story unfolds with humor and anecdotes that capture characters, times and places, from good doctors to bad ones, from childhood to old age, from Africa to Sweden. In the end, you become a “Warrior Patient.” You survive. You get to live again. Read the whole book, on line or in paperback.

Enjoy the trip.

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