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We sell the Boca Country Club
(across from Costco on Congress, just north of Yamato)
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Prices at the Boca Country Club

Prices jump higher on the first sixteen sales of the year, moving up to $331,431 -- well above 2013 prices and getting back to the price tags of mid-2008. Right now, with 48 homes on the block, 9 have existing (pending) contracts with no contingencies, and another 6 have contingent contracts in place. At least 7 sales should occur in the next 30 days, perhaps more. That will represent a strong burst in sales, when it happens. Perhaps that will reverse the surprising slump in the existing homes sales (not price) statistics.

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Sales tried to jump start higher at the end of the third quarter of 2013, but failed to follow through in the fourth quarter. January showed no recovery. As sellers try to grab unrealistic higher prices, the market could spiral lower. February confirmed a surprising collapse of residential real estate sales (but not prices ... they rose). March showed a slight uptick. A backlog of 18 homes with existing contracts in place continue to struggle at the closing table. If these homes close fast, the tone of the marketplace will start to change dramatically for the better.

March madness repeated for the 16th year in a row in southeastern Florida (defined as March sales exceeding February's sales by a big margin). It's a solid indication that the housing recovery continues. Buyers might be running out of time to buy a bargain in paradise.

March Madness

Gradual decline since April 2013, with a blip higher in late summer, then getting worse in the fourth quarter. Some hope appears in December, but the New Year falters. January numbers slumped hard. And they rolled even lower into a weak February. March accelerated the collapse. It needs to reverse, or the market will quickly collapse and drag the economy lower with it.

Two real estate experts in Boca Raton expose the "cyberwarrior" secrets of buying and selling homes in Florida.

Kerstin Williams: top seller of
millions of dollars worth of
homes in the Palm Beaches.
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If you want to buy or sell a home in Boca Raton, Florida, you should talk to Temple and Kerstin Williams.

If you're a seller, they can put your home in front of thousands of potential buyers. Immediately. Uniquely. In a way no other real estate experts can.

Temple and Kerstin will spotlight your home on a website dedicated exclusively to the selling of your home. Not just any old website. But a website highly-ranked in the search engines, with thousands of back links already in place, directing traffic to your exclusive listing. Every minute. Every hour. Every day. Every week. Until your home is successfully sold.

Nobody knows cyberselling better than Temple and Kerstin Williams. Nobody. Experience and unique marketing plans still count. Accurate and honest comparative market anaylsis remains essential. The broad brushstrokes of successful marketing remain the same on the cyber battlefield of selling and buying homes today. But the rule book has changed.

As always, visibility counts. And visibility has a new name: "back links." Most real estate websites have fewer than 100 back links directing traffic their way. Even some major real estate brokers, with dozens of real estate agents working for them, fall into this category.

Temple and Kerstin Williams operate dozens of websites. Successful, high-traffic websites. And each of them has thousands of backlinks attracting traffic 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That gives you 10 times the drawing power of anyone else in the Palm Beaches and Broward County.

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Why List your
Home with
Kerstin and

Surprisingly, most real estate agents do not understand marketing in the age of cyberspace. We do.

We know that new techniques and knowledge have eclipsed "old" marketing tactics such as newspaper advertising, or putting a listing on a multiple listing service.

When websurfers click the
"Back Links" to your website,
they see your property,
and your property alone.
Hundereds of lookers, every hour,
every day. That's SELLING!

kerstin real estate sale in candlewood in boca raton

The effectiveness of old-fashioned marketing has been minimized by search engine optimization and back links and meta editing and priority submission techniques.

Targeted e-mail works more effectively than traditional postcard campaigns, provided the sender knows how to avoid being identified as spam.

Open houses have moved from Saturday afternoons to cyberspace, and they're open for viewing 24-7 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

Temple and Kerstin Williams understand cyberspace. They have been working with it, and in it, for a combined total of over 55 years. 55 years!  We have written software for IBM, developed cyberselling systems for some of the world's largest corporations. We are experts at using cyberspace to sell your home.

Kerstin Williams
Realtor®, GRI
Million-dollar producer
kerstin williams real estate expert for candlewood homes

We sell one listing at a time, and it is placed on its own website to do so. The average website is not even “ranked” nowadays … ranking depends largely on the number of back links a website has in cyberspace. A back link is a link on another site which, when clicked, leads a web surfer to the site he or she is interested in.

Most websites have dozens of back links in cyberspace. Good websites have hundreds of back links.

Our websites have THOUSANDS OF BACK LINKS -- THOUSANDS!!! At least 10 times the drawing power of any other real estate team in the Palm Beachs and Broward County.

When you list your property with us, the first thing people see when they click the link to your website is your home. Hundreds of potential buyers do this, every single hour of every single day.

This unique cyberselling system is accomplished through proprietary software which we have developed and refined, painstaking programmed, and combined with decades of cyberspace knowledge (we developed hardware and software for IBM's sales force in the mid-1980s -- and we have been perfecting our craft ever since).

Temple Williams, Realtor®
Marketing Director,
Webmaster, Author,
Cyberspace Expert
temple williams real estate expert

So when you list a property with Temple or Kerstin, you improve your chances of getting top dollar as quickly as possible. And you improve it exponentially.

Nobody understands the power of cyber-selling better. Nobody.

We know how cyberspace works, and we know the cost savings it has delivered to home sellers. So … we also cut our commission to 5%. And one of the most important aspects of our service as real estate experts is our knowledge of the power of the marketing triangle.

There are no "casual" buyers of real estate. It's not toothpaste. It's the largest equity purchase most people make in their lives.

Understanding the marketing triangle goes a long way towards grasping how to get top dollar for your property.

The size of the marketing triangle is determined by the efforts and expertise of your Realtor®.
the dynamic real estate marketing triangle

One of the significant keys of Temple's and Kerstin's success is the fact that their expertise grabs a maximum number of true buyers from the top of the triangle.

There are buyers and there are lookers, and they change every day on a local level.

    In any given week, on any given day, there are Active Buyers who will pay top dollar for their dream home. As one buyer reaches a contract (and disappears from the top of the triangle), another appears -- a dynamic market, constantly reborn.

     The actual size of the marketing triangle is determined by the efforts and expertise of your Realtor®. Like it or not, selling your home is a numbers game. The larger your pool of potential buyers, the more likely you’ll reach a satisfactory sale.

If all your real estate agent does is send out some postcards (usually promoting themselves rather than your property), put your home on a Multiple Listing Service, and then wait for a buyer to appear -- if that's all they do, then your triangle remains small. If they try to sell the property "in-house" then your triangle becomes even smaller.

Nowhere do more active buyers appear than with Temple and Kerstin's cyberspace selling. It works. Call us today at 561-241-6323.

Kerstin sells the Boca Country Club
(across from Costco on Congress, just north of Yamato)
A perfect example of how Templeworks can sell YOUR home

Entry to 3767 Mykonos Ct.
Open the door on
the best deal at the
Boca Country Club!

$70K Price Slash for

MLS# R3036140: 3767 Mykonos Court
at the secure, gated Boca Country Club

$279,000 trust sale!

Any savvy real estate pro will tell you this: "If you want to open the door on a great deal, buy it in this market, and do it now!"

You can not make a better deal than this at the secure Boca Country Club. You must see this fabulous 3be/2ba courtyard home in Mykonos Court.

   Diamond-brited pool at 3767 Mykonos Ct.

And one of the best things about living in the secure, guarded, gated community of the Boca Country Club remains the fact that you can enjoy the lifestyle of the club, without paying any of the dues. You do not have to join the Club.

Read the Broker's Commentary. It's fun.


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